A minimalist turn-based strategy game

Available on: Windows, Osx

Huit was made for Ludum Dare 26.

This game is a collaboration with Sylvain Wenger

How to play

Unfortunately, I’ve lost the builds for Huit :(

If you really want me to spend a day trying to get them to compile again and upload them, send me a word or two.


Here are some videos that were made around Huit itself:


Huit is a minimalist strategy game.

Basic instructions:

  • There are three players - peter river (blue), carrot (orange) and amethyst (purple)

  • Move the mouse around or use the arrow keys to move

  • Select stuff with left click, build with right click

  • Use middle click or Enter to end your turn

  • With units selected, you can hover another region to move to it with right click. If the region contains enemies, you might be able to attack it (depending on your attack range)

  • When hovering the region of the selected unit itself, you can build buildings. Right click then use the hotkey displayed to create the type of building you want. Pay attention to the cost!

  • With a building selected, you can recruit unit to a region in the building’s zone of influence. Right click in the zone then use the hotkey to select which kind of units you want to recruit.

  • Types of buildings:
    • Barracks allow you to recruit units
    • You can harvest gold and wood with the corresponding buildings
    • Towers provide defense - they’ll take damage first when you have both a building and a unit in the same cell.
  • Note that you can only build buildings on regions of 2 or more octogons

  • You win when you’ve cleared the board of your enemies!
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