These are games I’ve had something to do with.

You are hereby authorized to make record and monetize videos about them.

The Stanley Enigma

A young woman dreams about the murder of her friend and roommate, Stanley. Is this dream a warning? Is Stanley in danger? There's only one way to find out...

Made for Ludum Dare 29 , April 2014

Featuring Amandine Bru


Lestac is a quirky, lovingly crafted 2D exploration platformer with an evergrowing world and soundtrack.

Made for Ludum Dare 28 , December 2013

Featuring Sylvain Wenger

John Q. Adamant

Play as one of the ten losers of the 1824 US presidential election - each with different ships, backstories, and weapons, and blast your way through victory!

Made for Ludum Dare 27 , August 2013

Featuring Jeremy Clarke


Ultipoly is a real-time online variant of Monopoly.

Made for Mini-LD 44 , July 2013

Featuring Charles S


Spooky is a non-game about recent revelations in the realm of espionage and how we're all actually living in a surveillance state.

Made for OneGameAMonth , June 2013

Made alone

The Choice

Learn to code to escape a sadistic AI.

Made for OneGameAMonth , May 2013

Made alone


A minimalist turn-based strategy game

Made for Ludum Dare 26 , May 2013

Featuring Sylvain Wenger

Paper Isaac

A clone of The Binding of Isaac with hand-drawn graphics

Danger Zone

A reddit super fill up clone on steroids.

Made for OneGameAMonth , February 2013

Made alone


Role-play a developer during a game jam.

Made for OneGameAMonth , January 2013

Made alone


Bash everything to get a high-score in this platformer GTA-lke!

Made for Ludum Dare 25 , December 2012

Featuring Sylvain Wenger, Einat Schlagmann


Puzzle platformer where you can't jump

Made for Ludum Dare 24 , August 2012

Featuring Sylvain Wenger, Myriam Bechikh


Tower defense game based on Switzerland's treatment of the poor.

Made for Ludum Dare 23 , April 2012

Made alone

Lonely Planet

Platformer where you help a planet get in touch with its baddies, and then escape.

Made for Ludum Dare 22 , December 2011

Featuring Sylvain Wenger, Einat Schlagmann

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