Feedback considered harmful
Jan 12, 2015
2 minute read

This was a “tweet-article” — hence the less-than-polished style.

Shit takes time to make. Children suck at walking/talking but they nobody tells them how much they suck, so they have plenty of time to get better.

Lots of people in my Twitter timeline infuriate me because they manage to be gleeful about every little thing they do. It’s mostly base jealousy: How DARE they find solace in stuff I could do in 10 minutes!

But those thoughts REALLY lack perspective. Everybody is somewhere, getting somewhere else, it’s not our place to judge. You can be an ass and crush young passions, or you can keep cheering on others & see them blossom while keeping your own work in check.

Sometimes the internet is toxic because there’s so much stuff coming all at once: too much to handle — all that noise is anti-creativity. So it’s okay to just plug your ears & go “la-la-la-la-la” and just go on doing something even if it’s a gazillionth platformer.

Because an amazing thing needs to suck first and there’s no A-Z plan for everything, you need room to explore. So requisition that room.

And another thing: I’m sick of clichés being ran into the ground. Clichés are okay. I like clichés. In the altgames current (which I adore), there’s a lot of “99% of games suck because they’re so overdone”.

I find that pretty depressing. Don’t ruin it for others. Everybody’s got tastes, guilty pleasures, that’s cool, just enjoy what you enjoy. Not everything needs to be groundbreaking & 100% original & never-seen-before. It’s okay to just improve on a theme.

With that said, have a great day everybody :)