Running Quarries of Scred on Linux
Jul 14, 2014
2 minute read

This is a guide to get Quarries of Scred: Update 004, running on Linux.

Step 1: Buy!

At the time of this writing, QoS is $4 on, so grab your copy today!

Download the Windows build.

Step 2: Extract!

You’re now in a possession of a fancy zip file. Extract it somewhere cozy, mine’s living in ~/Games/Quarry.

Step 3: Get LWJGL 2.8.4!

Quarries of Scred uses Slick Build #274, which requires LWJGL 2.8.4. You can grab that release on Sourceforge.

Inside the lwjgl zip file, extract all the files in lwjgl-2.8.4/native/linux/ into a folder into your Quarry installation - let’s call it linuxlibs.

If everything went fine, you should have a bunch of .so files in ~/Games/Quarry/linuxlibs:


Step 4: Rename a few files!

Since the game was developed on Windows, and Linux filesystems are usually case-sensitive, some files won’t load when launching the game.

Notably, all files in Sound/ should all be renamed from .wav to .WAV.

On the contrary, a few sprites from Sprites/ should be renamed from .PNG to .png: CGAbasics004.PNG, overlay.PNG, basics004.PNG, and that’s about it.

Step 5: Run the game!

You need Java - Mine’s 1.7.0_60, the OpenJDK variant. Refer to your linux distribution’s documentation to see how you can best install java.

The command I’m using to run the game is:

java -cp quarry.jar:lib/slick.jar:lib/lwjgl.jar -Djava.library.path=linuxlibs/ Quarry


  • -cp specifies the classpath. On Linux, it’s separated by commas
  • slick is a game framework (originally from Kevin Glass) that relies on..
  • LWJGL, which is a Java binding for OpenGL & OpenAL, and more
  • -Djava.library.path=linuxlibs/ tells the Java VM to look into the linuxlibs directory to find native libraries (.so files)
  • And finally, Quarry is the name of the main class of the game.

If you run into Could not load resource errors, make sure the file names match and rename them as needed.

Finally, screenshot proof:

Happy scredding!