I'm trying out svbtle
Jan 28, 2014
2 minute read

You might have heard me advocate rolling your own blog, based on Jekyll (or my recent favorite nanoc), and today’s news might come as a bit of a surprise: I think I’m moving to Svbtle for blogging.

A while ago, I asked around on Twitter to see why people followed me: in the past few years, I’ve been involved in quite a few different projects. To name some:

Among many, many other things. I had, however, underestimated the amount of people who followed me purely for my blog posts. Having bipolar tendencies, it’s hard for me, at times, to understand why anyone would want to read what I write, but that sentiment only worsens when I don’t write for a while. And I haven’t written for over a month!

So, I’m trying to get back to writing regularly. I was also a strong proponent of websites like 750 words, that encourage you to write a minimum amount daily, but it just hasn’t been a good fit for my daily routine recently.

I’m maintaining a large amount of websites nearly all by myself, and it had become a hassle just thinking about publishing something on http://amos.me for a while.

I roll a lot of the tech I work with, for example right now I’m:

  • Making a game: Lestac
  • Using my own programming language: ooc
  • Which means my own, self-hosted compiler: rock
  • My own package management system: sam
  • My own 2D framework: dye
  • My own sound framework: bleep
  • My own animation framework: raang
  • Friedrich & I’s Lua binding system: ooc-lua & howling
  • My own deployment / auto-update system: eggplant + some closed source code not shown here

So, as you can see, I’ve got enough on my plate without worrying about yet another full web application! I could’ve migrated http://amos.me to nanoc, or I could’ve tried a new blogging platform. Since Svbtle just opened up, I’m doing just that.

Hopefully I can blog more often and about more in-depth topics from now on. Don’t hesitate to subscribe on this page and also say hi on Twitter if you’re looking forward to reading more!

Note: obviously, since then, I’ve gone back to static generator goodness. But thanks for reading.