Hello @fasterthanlime
Jun 26, 2014
2 minute read

Hey folks,

I have some good news and some bad news.

TL;DR my new twitter account is @fasterthanlime - follow that instead!

First, the bad news: The Stanley Enigma is cancelled.

I’m really sorry to let down people who were impatient to see the completed game, but I have to move on. There’ll be other games, I promise!

In other news: I’ve changed all my accounts to @fasterthanlime. So, @nddrylliog is dead. Long live ftl! At least people can remember that one, and it’s relatively obscure, I even snatched the .com (as you might have noticed if you’re reading this right now).

I’m also taking a break from the game scene in general, for now - I just need a bit of time for myself. However, I’ll try and do a lot more music than I had the time to, previously.

You can start by listening to my latest Spelunky cover. Then a new original I’m just releasing now: Love No Screaming. I’ll be doing more of either, you can ask for covers on my ask.fm page

You may want to follow my new account on twitter, @fasterthanlime, and if you want you may also stalk me on bandcamp, ask.fm, soundcloud, youtube, and hitbox and don’t forget to update your RSS feeds - the amos.me domain should stick around but I won’t be using it actively anymore.

I’ll be streaming games like FTL, The Binding of Isaac, Magicite & more over at my new Hitbox account. Feel free to add me on Steam

That’s it for now, see you soon online with more music & streams, and take care!

P.S: Yep, I know you can rename Twitter accounts. I just feel like I need to start over and a new account allows me to do that better.