Follow Friday
Jan 25, 2013
2 minute read

I don’t often give out social networking tips, and to be honest, those are mostly anti-tips - probably not how Twitter should be used, but that’s how I survive on there.

What’s follow friday?

For those living under a rock (oh the bliss), follow friday is simply tweeting one or more shoutouts to people on Twitter by mentioning them, accompanied by the hashtag #FollowFriday, or #FF for short.

Some see it as a way to gain followers - they’ll use #FFs to mention people they wish followed them back. But of course, all this is poppycocks: the thing with asymmetrical social networks is that you get to follow who you want without being judged: you can be friends with someone and not follow them, if you’re just not into what they tweet.

So then, if you don’t care about social media tricks, what to do about follow friday?

The rules of follow friday

Here are a few rules I try to abide by:

  • Don’t use #FF to grow your network, use it to shine a spotlight on accounts whom you think deserve more exposition, such as @flibitijibibo, or @swordfischer

  • I try to only #FF relatively small accounts - others already have the light they need. There are a few exceptions to the rule, e.g. big accounts who did something especially awesome recently, such as @McFunkyPants with #1GAM, or @Cellusious with pixel art.

  • Never #FF back blindly. Never tweet without context: spread it on several tweets if you need to, but always tell your followers why they are worth following. For example, I’ve found @LorenBednar to be one of the most supportive members of team SpreadTheLove for #1GAM. Also, @playvue is doing something awesome with #1GAMcrunch.

Final words

Remember, the important thing on Twitter is for your entourage to be topical of what you’re trying to do. For me, that’s mostly game development + friends.

Disregard numbers, and you’ll be happy campers!