Five thoughts
Mar 19, 2012
2 minute read

I’ve been reproached for my verbosity: here’s my attempt at being terse. Read the titles.

Your brain works better as a consultant

Letting it play the all-encompassing force is playing dice. Introspection is the ability to split yourself between the observer and the observee. Your self is just another thing you can hack. You pay your brain with food, sleep, and water: make sure you get your money’s worth.

Embrace, extend, get comfy

Life advice litterature is pushing you into a burn-out. When advising you to get out of your comfort zone, here’s the part they forget: once you are out there, plant your flag. Conquer new territories, but build yourself castles. Make your progress sustainable by setting up fallbacks.

Law is the religion of business

Galileo was tried by the catholic church for heliocentrism. Legends and traditions seem to hold back as much good as they prevent bad. High-ranking figures seem able to bypass both dogmas and acts without much trouble. Progress is achieved when you allow your mind and hands to operate outside those boundaries.

Start-ups are cars, companies are trains

A train runs even if you don’t get up in the morning. A train has an enormous infrastructure, and its path is controlled mostly by external factors. Almost nobody in a train knows how to run it. There are more car crashes. If you crash a car, you’re almost certainly to blame. If you get somewhere first, too.

Subordination is abstraction

Abstraction trades vertical power for horizontal power. One-liners are the result of many successful compromises. A company, like a software stack, is only as good as its layer least successful at filtering the information flow. Successful individuals on a large scale knew what people to wear and how.


As of today, I will be replacing almost all reading by writing. I have a 5-year roadmap, and in order to build that much, I need to cut the noise. Showtime.